Learn More About Our Executive Board Members


Professor Bojosi Otlhogile

Chair of the Executive Board

Professor Otlhogile teaches law at the University of Botswana, where for ten years he served as the University Vice Chancellor.  Prof Otlhogile has held the positions of Chairman at Standard Chartered Bank of Botswana, Special Olympics Botswana, Botswana Housing Corporation, and the Southern Africa Media Development Fund.  He has served as a Council Member at the University of Swaziland and the University of Zambia.  He has published on a wide range of historical and legal issues.  Dr. Otlhogile received his doctorate from the University of Cambridge.


Steven Bogatsu

Member of the Executive Board

Mr. Bogatsu has served since 2015 as the Chief Executive Officer of First National Bank of Botswana and is active in civic affairs. A chartered accountant and a graduate of University of Derby, UK, he has worked in the banking sector holding various positions in Swaziland and Botswana. 

Lilian Moremi Pic_edited_edited.jpg

Lillian Moremi

Member of the Executive Board

Currently Executive Director and Founder of Career Coaching Botswana, a social enterprise that promotes professional development and lifelong learning, Ms. Moremi was awarded the Top Outstanding Young Person 2018 (by Junior Chamber International Botswana Chapter) award and the Mandela Washington Fellowship (Young African Leaders Initiative) in 2018. She has mentored and coached over a thousand students and professionals on career and personal development for the past ten years. She has directed strategic planning, proposal writing, stakeholder collaborations and membership development for corporates and NGOs across Africa. Also the founder of Botswana Student Network, the largest student network in Botswana, Ms. Moremi continues to match young people with opportunities of personal and professional growth. She has been a member of The Botswana Society since 2016 with the aim of encouraging the youth to take interest and appreciate the history of the country in order to preserve its culture and traditions for future generations to benefit.

Fred Morton.jpg

Professor Fred Morton

Honorary Secretary of the Executive Board

Professor Morton teaches history at the University of Botswana, specialising in early Tswana-speaking peoples of Botswana and South Africa.  Many of his recent publications can be found here.  Prof. Morton has worked with archaeologists in Botswana and South Africa to develop major stone wall sites (18th century) in southern Botswana and is the creator of the Gaborone Cultural Heritage Tour and the Society’s cultural heritage tour guide course.  He is an American and permanent resident of Botswana.

John Makgala_edited_edited.jpg

Professor John Makgala

Member of the Executive Board

Professor John Makgala is the editor of the Society’s flagship journal, Botswana Notes & Records, which he as guided single-handedly for the last decade purely on a volunteer basis.  A graduate of Cambridge University, Prof Makgala teaches history at the University of Botswana and has published widely in journals and books on current issues and post-independence Botswana.  He has also authored two highly-acclaimed novels set in his hometown of Morwa. 

thapelo otlogets.png

Professor Thapelo Otlogetswe

Member of the Executive Board

Professor Otlogetswe teaches linguistics and lexicography at the University of Botswana and is the foremost expert on corpus linguistics and lexicography of the Setswana language. His research is in lexical computing and corpus lexicography with a focus on Setswana. He has compiled a number of dictionaries including Tlhalosi ya Medi ya Setswana, English-Setswana Dictionary, Oxford English Setswana Setswana English School Dictionary and "Poeletso-medumo ya Setswana: a Setswana Rhyming dictionary". He led the breakthrough translation work on the Setswana Google Search, OpenOffice and Firefox Setswana spell-checkers.

Jeff Ramsey.jpg

Dr. Jeff Ramsay

Member of the Executive Board

He is a noted authority on Botswana 19th century and 20th century history and has published widely in journals, books, and newspapers.  An American by birth and graduate of Boston University, Dr. Ramsay for many years has been a citizen of Botswana. He has served as a school administrator, a teacher of history and social science, a leader in the field of media, and as a public official in media relations with the Government of Botswana, serving for years as press secretary for the Office of the President under presidents Festus Mogae and Ian Khama. 

Dale Ter Haar.jpg

Dale Ter Haar

Member of the Executive Board

Businessman, social activist, and cultural heritage enthusiast.  He is the chair of the Lady Khama Charitable Trust and sits on the boards of several companies, including Chobe Holdings.