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Get on the Cultural Level

The Botswana Society has promoted the study and understanding of the country's history, culture, and heritage for over 50 years. Today it is focused on trying to diversify Botswana's tourist industry, which has been dominated by wildlife and ecotourism. 

Places to Visit

Places to Visit

Kgotla monument Gaborone.jpg

Botswana's capital is the home of many national government buildings, monuments, and exciting historic locations.

Matsieng Engravings 2.JPG

Botswana legend holds that the first man stepped into the world at Matsieng, not far from the capital city of Gaborone, and left behind engraved footprints.

Entry to the Main Kgotla at Kanye.JPG

Kanye is the picturesque home of the Bangwaketse people. It is a great place to experience a vibrant traditional kgotla and view charming colonial-style buildings.

St. Patricks Church.jpg

Francistown is the capital of the north and second largest city in Botswana. It is known for its excellent Supa Ngwao Museum, old palm trees, and charming hotels.

As part of our goal to promote Botswana's culture, The Botswana Society is offering a Gaborone Heritage Tour.

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